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Alex Fafara Permission to do 3 Observations at 4 hours each. Summative Page All throughout my experience in the middle school field, I have become more and more open to the idea of teaching at this level, despite having convinced myself for years that all I want to do is teach high school math. The students are smart, often enthusiastic, and many times in need of direction. This sounds like a great atmosphere to grow as a person, and as a teacher. The teacher was great, wild in an interesting way, and someone who could relate to the students while also retaining control of the classroom. Over all, I looked forward to each day I was able to spend with this class. When I was in 6 th grade, I was in a catholic grammar school, so I didn’t have separate class periods until I was in high school, but watching these students handle it much calmer than I expected was interesting. It made me realize that this could be a detail that I would need in teaching at this grade level. I would certainly want to teach in this district, driving through town the houses
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