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Sexuality and Gender Roles Among Students

Sexuality and Gender Roles Among Students - Paper#2...

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Paper #2 Alexander Fafara Sexuality and Gender Roles Among Students Gender and sexuality play large roles in defining people, and there are many ways that they affect the students in schools. There may be students grappling with their own sexuality, students may come from families with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender parents, or some students (as well as perhaps some teachers) may feel that the school system does not cater to those of either sex. While many of these factors may not be taken into consideration, or may even be downright ignored, there are many reasons to look into the gender and sexuality of students, and how it affects how they learn and prosper in the classroom. Using the readings of Michael Kimmel, Ericka Sokolower- Shain, and Linda & Laurel Lamme, I plan to show how these seemingly “under the surface” aspects of day-to-day life can affect students’ behavior. Ericka Sokolower-Shain tells us in her reading, “When the Gender Boxes Don’t Fit,” of a time when she felt alienated. “What was supposed to be an easy question, a throw-away, a way to break the ice before delving into more personal issues, was for me a question I had been grappling with since elementary school” (Sokolower-Shain, When the Gender Boxes Don’t Fit, p.32). It is true that this had happened while she was a freshman, (p.32) and it is common that by the high school age most students have defined their gender as male or female. But there are those students, like Ericka, who don’t feel comfortable defining themselves as one or the other. In class we were given a scenario where a 4 th grade boy would often come into class wearing lipstick and carrying a purse, and for Halloween dressed up as a full princess, dress, tiara and all.
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