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Sociology of Medicine and Healthcare Personality and disease Class Lecture # 8 2/16/09 I. Epidemiology of Gunshot deaths Gunshot deaths unique US problem Gun in the home increases odds of gunshot deaths Owning a gun increases chances of victim begin killed when criminal breaks into home II. Age Huge increase in lifespan Changes for elderly Changes for county III. Gender Sex difference in mental health Marriage and mental health o Women- affected disorders- mood disorders o Men conduct behavior- criminal o Employed single women have the best mental state o Unemployed single women have the worst mental state IV. Race
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Unformatted text preview: • Blacks o Lower life expectancy than whites o Hypertension (BP) is a major killer for blacks • Hispanic Americans o Fastest/ largest minority in the us o Limited systematic data on Hispanic health o Limited evidence suggests a mixed pattern • Asian American o Healthiest group in the Us o Highest SES in the Us • Pattern: Higher SES strongly associated with better health o SES more important than races culture in determining health o How does poverty degrade health 1. poor people often lack insurance 2. low education predicts ones health 3. lack of income 4. undesirable occupation...
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