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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 20

Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 20 - i Accept...

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Class 20 – More on Hospitals I. Types of hospitals A. General hospital (usually private non-profit) B. Municipal hospital (public non-profit) C. Proprietary hospital (private for-profit) i. Problem of dumping of patients from private hospital to public hospital D. University hospital (can be any of above) E. Veterans hospital (public non-profit) F. Military hospital (public non-profit) II. Which patients use hospitals? A. Need factors B. Predisposing factors C. Enabling factors D. Hansell study of which children and adolescents get inpatient psychiatric care vs. outpatient care E. Lack of patient insurance contributes to patient dumping III. Hospice as alternative to hospital A. Hospital care for dying patients expensive, painful B. Hospice care
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Unformatted text preview: i. Accept patients expected to live 6 months or less ii. Extensive nursing care 24/7 for comfort of patients iii. Emphasis on pain control with drugs iv. Emphasis on spending time with family and friends v. Low tech medical care (no heroic measures - try to keep patients off respirators, etc.) vi. Hospice care much cheaper than hospitalization IV. Patient Role in Hospital A. Hospital rules for benefit of hospital personnel, not patients B. Depersonalization of patient i. Stripping ii. Control of resources iii. Control of communication and information 1. Communication 2. Dissimulation 3. Admission of uncertainty 4. Evasion iv. Restriction of mobility C. Patient conformity to hospital rules D. Long stay patients may become "institutionalized"...
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