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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 25

Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 25 - Class 25 More...

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Class 25 – More problems, some solutions I. Problem: Uninsured People A. Medicare and Medicaid increased access to care tremendously B. But many people still cannot get needed care C. Uninsured people 1. Who is uninsured? a. Slackers stereotype – but most people work full time but company does not offer insurance, only 60% do b. Some are part-time workers c. Only 24% are slackers or don’t work but some of these people can’t work because they are disabled d. College graduates – they would be lucky if they could stay on parents insurance e. Migrant workers – too young for Medicare but not poor enough for Medicaid D. Problems of the Uninsured 1. Uninsured people are twice likely to die and insured people tend to pay for uninsured as tax payers II. Problem: Homeless people A. More homeless now than at any time since depression of 1930’s B. Determinants of homeless not well understood 1. Not enough money to pay for some type of home (SRO – transit hotels, rooms by the night/week/month that is very cheap) C. Rossi’s Chicago Study 1. Did “wind shield studies” a. Look for homeless people and count them by driving around b. Problem: homeless hid in dark corners/alleles 2. Rossi’s survey of homeless a. Chicago streets are all rectangles
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