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revision aas 270docx - Shane Swaby 9-9-11 Dr. Sanon...

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Shane Swaby 9-9-11 Dr. Sanon Synthesis paper 1 With Haiti being the second country in the world After the United States to gain their own independence, this imposed a blessing and curse. When the Haitian revolution came about it proved that the once enslave blacks have finally taken a stand for what they believe in and that a good political, economic, and social freedom was possible. Toussaint Louvre was born a slave, but a free man. Being born and raised on a plantation he was one who learned to ready and write as a young child. Louvre was someone who saw possibilities others didn’t; Toussaint Louvre sparked the dynamite flame to the Haitian Revolution. With any revolt comes brutality and rage, as the Haitians wanted change, they took it. Being denied something like independence will cause anyone to fight back for what he or she believe is right. Haiti originally had more then enough resources to fulfill its independences as a strong superpower in the west. Toussaint’s uprising for respect gave concrete ground for salves to create a nation. Aug
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This note was uploaded on 11/17/2011 for the course AAS 270 taught by Professor Dr.sanon during the Fall '11 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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revision aas 270docx - Shane Swaby 9-9-11 Dr. Sanon...

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