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talking point: In America, Negroes are segregated. In south America, Negroes are wiped in the street, and Negro strikers are cut down by machine guns. In West Africa, the Negro is an animal." (Fanon, 112) -Black Skins, White masks identifies problems that effects upon colonialism on both the conquerors and the conquered. Black America has to justify themselves as part of a society, that sometimes leaves them a symbol of anonymity or of being invisible. --is this true? and how does one feel when they hear this? What does the Title of Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask mean? -When the black man adopts a white mask in order to become a real human being to the oppressive culture. We must not allow ourselves to be poisoned by the stereotypes
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Unformatted text preview: and to not live in fear, that our actions will correspond to these false stereotype. The only way out of this dual narcissism is to liquidate history so that one can recognize that what is attributed to the other is what one should attribute to oneself. Does the realization that one is black induces “nausea,” shame, which locks the black man in an infernal circle that makes it impossible for “either side to obliterate the past once and for all", is this true? BSWM makes it clear that emancipation from the psychopathology (the manifest of mental or behavioral disorders) of racism would mean emancipation from “History" do you agree with this? Is "whiteness" the black mans destiny?...
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