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1 - Economics 480 Labor Economics Instructor Stephen...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 480: Labor Economics Instructor: Stephen Lich—Tyler Email: [email protected] Websites: htt :/ wwwuncedu ~swlt .econéSOhtml htt: blackboardnncedu Office hours: Gardner 303, We Tuesda , Wednesda 1:45—3:30 “We“ a! y . y Meeting times: Summer 2010, Monday-Friday, 9:45~11:15 Meeting place: Gardner Hall 307 . References: Borjas: Modern Labor Economics, 5th edition? - Lich—Tyler: ”Study Guide for Labor Economics” (on webpage) Prerequisites: Intermediate microeconomics and calculus This is a course in labor economics and applied microeconomics. ' We will deal primarily with four topics: applications of microeconomic models to labor supply and demand; analysis of various markets; and incentives within the firm. The emphasis of this course is theory. Attendance: Regular attendance is strongly encouraged, but I don’t monitor attendance formally. Regardless of whether you attend, I expect that you will submit assignments on time and that you know any announcements made in class. Announcements: When I need to make administrative announcements, 1 will write them on the board at the start of lecture, or l will email the class. The course website contains assignments, old exams, and supplemental handouts. Grading: Your grade will be based on two exams and several quizzes: Quizzes 20% é Qta’lewlg‘ First exam (Tues, June lst): 30% g“? g: : ifl'l' Final exam: 50% This weighted average will determine overall grades, on a nonlinear curve: I assign a grade of A to the top cluster of students, A- and B+ to the next groups, and so forth, with no intention of separating letter grades by a fixed number of percentage points. There will be no make—up exams; if you miss one for a legitimate reason, your overall grade will depend on the other assignments. The dates of the exams and quizzes are almost certain. Quizzes: Every Friday, we will have a ten-minute, fixed-response quiz over the most recent material. The questions will be similar to the ”Review Questions” at the end of chapters in the textbook, and you are allowed to bring one page of your own handwritten notes to the quiz. Your highest five quiz grades count toward your overall score. Personal quirks: Email and office hours are the best ways to get in touch with me; telephone calls annoy me. The time immediately before or after a class is generally not good for questions, except for quick thoughtless ones. Unless instructed otherwise, please refrain from using electronic devices during lectures and exams. (This includes phones, calculators, computers, MP3 players, and so forth.) Finally, copying any assignment or exam from an undocumented source constitutes an honor violation. ...
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