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12 - Max Haubold Reading 4 Analysis The Msmatched Worker pp...

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Unformatted text preview: Max Haubold 5/19/10 Reading 4 Analysis- The Msmatched Worker, pp. 4451 '7 . I find it very connectiong when Kalleberg mentions the increase in white collar workers on page 47- “These changes resulted in part from the increased complexity of work and changes . "c in the way workplaxes are organized. . .”. I connect this to the rest of the progress In Amerfi No longer is it the case that 1121an 2 or 4 year degree will earn you a job automatically. This increase in white collar work tells that the workplace is evolving, our societies need for more technologically advanced products is increasing, and in turn, our need for education has risen. Analysis- “Occupational Changes During. the 20th Centug” This quote from the article connects directly to the ideas I expressed in the last section- “Between 1910 and 2000, the employment of professional, technical, and kindred workers increased more than fourfold as a proportion of total employment, from 4.4 percent to 23.3 percent” (page 38). Here, statistical data backs up the fact that there is an evolution of the “H'WW JEN: +~~t American people Here, people are getting more education to meet the growmg demand for It b‘ll cerium“ their schedules full of work, learning, or skill training to keep up. I mention the ereader because ...
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