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WR 100 M2 Outline I. Introductory Paragraph a. In using literary devices such as connotation, symbolism, and language (maybe others??) , Carver and Rich create a voie indicating loneliness, rebirth, and the relationship between sexes; however, the driving difference between the two poems is Carver’s inability to fully accept and cope with the solitude expressed in many of his poems. II. Quick summary of both works III. Point 1 a. Success of coping with lost love i. Using connotation in respect to 1. “Waiting” 2. “An Account” ii. Using symbolism in respect to “Diving into the Wreck”
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Point 2 a. Lack of hope i. Lingering resentment in Ultramarine 1. “Waiting” ii. Speaker of “Diving into the Wreck” looks forward V. Point 3 a. Empowerment of speakers i. Diving into the Wreck speaker seems more empowered to move on than Ultramarine. VI. Point 4 a. Similarities i. Rebirth 1. “Evening” in Ultramarine VII. Point 5 a. Similarities i. Relationship between sexes 1. “Little Room” in Ultramarine VIII. Conclusion a. Sum it up, wrap it up....
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