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30 - thLFM/At S at 55“ They are coached to tell people...

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Unformatted text preview: thLFM/At/ S at 55“. They are coached to tell people when they are being overworked, and how they deal with stress. w‘lk‘w‘ (”’1‘ 9' {w Wm? wailing [caddy This has yielded positive results (Shellenbarger 2). g/ “£45:ng .__._,__, m ‘ 59/1155 F Ll» 11» it) The article presented by Jacobs and Gerson addresses the issue of family time sacrifice <10le 7. due to overworking. “Too much time at work can undermine personal and family welfare, whereas too little time can endanger a family’s economic security and lower its standard of living...” (Jacobs and Gerson 40). This zero sum game is logical and to be expected, however many times an employee must choose between too many hours at work or no hours at all (class “wag? ht wedge 5/13). This is being addressed in many companies such as IBM, Shellenbarger assertsiJT Childs ._...J of IBM says “The goal: to take out more time for customers and, as a byproduct, more time for M U: 7 W our families and our personal life” (Shellenbarger 2). This is done by automating, Via web and 9W- 6 , (interface, many of the lower priority tasks. The connection is evident, as it shows the concepts {ole-f an?" mW‘S‘gfigwe pliscuss in class are not merely Speculation, but too, are real world applicable experiences, be“ M ~ It» fitmflfiwhich many companies today must address. mt h be . “Mia‘s: male-rasc— ‘ F _ - fl MS'WWW _ fidcwfit 9.0}: gt: ul\\ firm/Slims, W‘N' The concept of overwork is clear, and also is its affect on families but what pulls workers “9°” “\“Wfi - down at work§<alleberg says “A major consequence of overworking. ..is stress” (Kalleberg ‘ _ _ . an L0 1’ :1 VB ‘l‘n 166)., This IS what binds the wheels of progress m the workplace, because of the pressures of We"? everything a worker must do. It is a culmination of long hours, hard work, and lack of family time, which eats away at employees’ ability to focus on tasks. Shellenbarger’s article presents the mm “ case of a stressed IBM technicians§k had to send out server updates for corporate customers. so at , The tedious process consumed much of his workday, while his regular tasks backed up...” Lunm‘tn- (Shellenbarger 2). After implementation of various work reduction programs, the technician now feels “It’s been a stress-reducer” (Shellenbarger 2). This correlates to what Kalleberg has suggested, “to alleviate overwork should thus focus both on giving workers more control over ...
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