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35 - NEWS REPORT GRADING RUBRIC 1 p plication of concepts...

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Unformatted text preview: NEWS REPORT GRADING RUBRIC 1: p plication of concepts to article statement does not clearly link the article to class material; introduction fails ' to discuss either the article or the concepts to be ilS-Bd Class material is not from the preceding unit; article and concepts used are unrelated; application shows misunderstandin gof concepts; application focuses heavily on class material without connections to . article or vice versa A _l_ links movie and class material, but fails to adequately summarize the main points to be covered in the subsequent sections between article and class material is ‘ explicitly stated and fully justified; introduction provides a clear statement of what to expect in the Points _l Criteria 1 2 3 _J Weight Introduction Introductory ‘ Introduction The relationship ' X 1 Connections ' between article and class material are made, but lack depth; ' application of concepts is Slightly inaccurate; application only partially demonstrates mastery of concepts a lication section Connections between article and class material are clearly articulated in sufficient depth that instructor does not need to infer meaning of concepts; concepts are used correctly; class material and article are given equal weight and are tightly connected X3 Quotes Quotes poorly Quotes are Quotes capture the X 3 ' explain concepts somewhat essence of the i 3’ appropriate, but concepts contained ' generally refer to in the reading 5”,“; knit/Rift 5 Only a portion of Lani. (Eh-$51“; a conceLtu 4 Reaction Reiterates class [Writs some Reaction is x 3 material or critical insightful, in—depth, article; reaction evaluation of the and directly related is unrelated to article/class to ciass material and a article or class ' material, but in article material insufficient gem Copy of article Article is Article is only Article clearly - x 1 ‘ unrelated to class loosely related to relates to class . 3 material ciass material material Presentation Contains Some spelling, Few to no errors in x 1 significant grammatical, or grammar or grammatical or compositional composition _, compositional errors; reads like Z" 3 errors; reads like a first draft a very rough draft fiUU/ £14} 4%; ...
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