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NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE - ANNANDALE CAMPUS ACC 211 – SECTION 004N PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I Instructor: Thomas (Tom) Marsh, CPA E-mail: [email protected] Office: CC-122B Phone: 703-323-3180 Fax: 703-323-3015 Class Times: Fall 2011 MW: 11am-12:15pm CC-227 Office Hours: Posted on Blackboard Home Page: Class Web Page (URL): Text and Course Materials: Required: The e- textbook and/or a hardcopy of the textbook and electronic access to the class connect website. McGraw-Hill’s Connect contains an e-text while Connect Plus does not. Options: You do not have any materials: Purchase either Connect (e-text not included) and a hardcopy textbook or Connect Plus (hardcopy textbook is optional). You have a new/used hardcopy textbook: Purchase either a registration code for Connect (e-text not included) or Connect Plus (includes e-text) on the class website Textbook: McGraw-Hill’s Fundamental Accounting Principles, 20 th edition. Volume 1, Authors: Wild, Shaw, Chiappetta. There is the option of purchasing the full edition The code may be purchased at the bookstore as part of a bundled package with a new textbook, or separately online at the class website. Purchase of the code allows access to enrolled principles courses (both ACC-211 and ACC-212) for a period not to exceed 540 days from purchase date. Key Dates: Last day to withdraw without academic penalty for the fall term is October 31, 2011. 1 11/17/2011
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Course Description : This course presents accounting principles and their application to various businesses. It covers income determination, asset valuation, and financial reporting. The course covers both service and merchandise operations including internal controls and analysis of financial statements. General Course Purpose: This course is designed to give the beginning business student a general understanding of the purpose of accounting, the capacity to perform basic accounting functions, and a working knowledge in financial statement preparation. Entry Level Competencies: The student should be eligible to take English 111 and Math 3. Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: (A) Analyze routine business transactions and events, record them in journals and ledgers, summarize recorded data, determine effects of internal value changes within the business enterprise, and prepare financial statements. (B) Learn both accounting theory and practice which will prepare them for continued study in accounting or to acquire the ability to manage personal and career finances. Exam I: Chapters 1, 2, 3 = 150 Points Exam II: Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8 = 150 Points Exam III: Chapters 7, 9, 10, 11 = 150 Points Exam IV: Comprehensive Final = 350 Points Pre-Lecture Assignment = 50 Points Post-Lecture Assignment = 50 Points Chapter Homework Assignments = 100 Points Total = 1000 Points
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