Chapter 6 HW Key - Chapter 6 1. a. = f-i= 178- 82= 96...

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Chapter 6 1. a. Δθ= θf-θi= 178°- 82°= 96° b.180/π=96/x-> x= 1.68 rad of flexion 2. t= 0.8s, 3 rotations= 360°*3= 1080° W= Δθ/Δt= 1080/0.8= 1350°/s 3. Wi= 5 rad/s, Wf= 25rad/s, t= 1s α=Δw/Δt= (25-5)/1= 20 rad/s/s in the direction of the spin 4. r1= 1.5in, r2=15in, L1= 2in, L2=? Θ= L1/r1= L2/r2-> 2/1.5= L2/15-> L2= 20in 5. W= 1700°/s= 29.67 rad/s, r= 1.2m, V=?, αr=? a. V= Wr= 29.67* 1.2= 35.6 m/s tangent to the circular path b. Αr= V²/r= 35.6²/1.2= 1056.4m/s² towards the axis Make sure that you note that some of the equations use angular measures to calculate linear measures. The answers to 5a and 5b are in m/s and m/s/s which are linear. 6. V1= 75m/s, L1= 5cm, L2= 100cm, V2=? V=Wr= (Δθ/Δt)*r, Δθ1= Δθ2 and Δt1= Δt2-> V1/V2= r1/r2 Θ= L1/r1= L2/r2-> r1/r2= L1/L2 Therefore V1/V2= L1/L2 -> 75/V2= 5/100-> V2= 1500cm/s 7. Vball= 40m/s, d-ball= 17.50m, angular velocity of the bat= 12 rad, Δθ that the batter needs to achieve if the bat is to be over home plate the same time as the ball = 1.5-1.8,
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Chapter 6 HW Key - Chapter 6 1. a. = f-i= 178- 82= 96...

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