exam 1 key copy - Hello everyone, Most of the multiple...

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Hello everyone, Most of the multiple choice questions were taken from the reading and homework. So please go through the chapters to solve any questions you have about those. If I made a mistake and the book does not have the answer let me know and I’ll try and figure out where I went wrong. Below are the answers to the open ended questions. Many of them are similar to homework problems. Please learn the ones that you got wrong because the future material builds on the beginning chapters so you may see some of this stuff again, He spread of the exam scores was 12-30. The exam had a total of 31 possible points which means each point is worth 3.22 %, I round up to the next whole number so 96.7% is 97%. Qu esti on 21 The winning times in the women’s long and short track speedskating events at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games are shown below. Which athlete skated with the fastest average speed? Explain your result. (2 pts) SHORT TRACK: 500 m, 44.187 s, Yang Yang a. 1000 m, 96.391 s, Yang Yang a. 1500 m, 151.581 s, Gi-Hyun Ko LONG TRACK: 500 m, 37.30 s, Catriona Lema-Doan 1000 m, 73.83 s, Chris Witty 1500 m, 114.02 s, Anni Freisinger Given Answer: v= d/ t Short Track Yang Yang 500 m: (500 m)/(44.187 s)=(11.32 m/s) Yang Yang 1000 m: (1000 m)/(96.391 s)=(10.37 m/s) Gi-Hyun Ko 1500 m: (1500 m)/(151.581 s)=(9.9 m/s)
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exam 1 key copy - Hello everyone, Most of the multiple...

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