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STA 1013 syllabus8AM - STA 1013 Statistics Through Example...

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STA 1013 Statistics Through Example Florida State University Fall 2011 Course Information: Time: MW 8:00AM-9:15AM Location: OSB 108 Prerequisite: None Section: 01 Instructor: Ms. Domonique Watson Department: Statistics Office: 201 G OSB Office Hours: Th 8:00AM-9:00AM Email: [email protected] Textbook: Bennett, Jeffrey O., William L. Briggs, and Mario F. Triola. Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life . Third Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson/Addison Wesley, 2009. Print. Course Contents : Chapters 1- Chapter 10 (some sections within the chapters will not be taught in class) Course Objective: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: Understand the two meanings of the term statistics and the basic ideas behind any statistical study Understand the importance of sampling methods Recognize key issues in observational studies and experiments Identify data as qualitative or quantitative and to assign data a level of measurement Be able to describe errors Understand how percentages are used to report statistical results Describe data by frequency tables and graphs Understand the difference between a mean, median, mode, and outliers Be able to describe the general shape of a distribution Understand and interpret common measures of variation Apply the concepts of normal distributions Understand the idea behind the Central Limit Theorem and its important role in statistics Apply the concepts of probability Recognize and interpret correlations Utilize regression to find the best-fit line and make predictions Understand the fundamental ideas of sampling distributions Estimate population means and proportions and construct confidence intervals for them
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STA 1013 syllabus8AM - STA 1013 Statistics Through Example...

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