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1 Thompson Taylor Thompson November 28, 2010 Research Essay 2 Seaton Night and Day by Cole Porter Cole Porter is an American composer who was born on June 9 th , 1891 (“Cole Porter Biography”). In 1932, at age forty-one, he composed one of his most famous pieces named “Night and Day” for a musical named Gay Divorce (Schwartz 118). This piece grew rapidly in popularity and became one of the most popular songs of its era. Artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to the modern popular band U2 have covered it (“Cole Porter biography”). In order to better understand the significance of this piece, one must first examine the context in which Porter wrote it. He was born into one of the richest families in Indiana, and learned piano and violin at the age of six. By age ten, He was composing some of his early works (“Cole Porter Biography”). For this reason, it is not surprising that by age forty-one he was set in his musical ways. American popular music during this time was, for the most part, a result of collaboration between editors, composers, arrangers, and lyricists. Porter set himself apart from these conventions by retaining complete control over the production of “Night and Day,” even with the pressure of outside influence. Porter was involved in
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Thompson__MUH2012_Research2 - 1 Thompson Taylor Thompson...

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