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MUH 2012-02 Writing assignments-3 - MUH 2012-02 Fall...

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MUH 2012-02 Fall semester 2010 Writing assignments Free responses to (or in) class sessions These will be assigned frequently in connection with specific daily discussions. You will be expected to write thoughtfully, concisely, and in a clear and correct (though informal) style. Essays based on personal listening experiences (minimum 300 words each), due on 14 September, 5 October, 26 October, and 16 November In your essays you should describe what you hear in a musical work and what you think in response to it. You might want to do a bit of reading about the piece’s background, but thorough research is not required. Here are some guidelines: (1) Identify the music that you are discussing. You should know who wrote the music and, where appropriate, the words. Give the work’s title and, when you deal with part of a large, multipartite work, names of particular sections. (2) Be sure that you describe what you hear i.e., the style of the music. You will want to listen several times and as closely as you can. Note that you do not have to describe every detail of the music, so you can write about the features that strike your ear and your imagination. (3) Try to take advantage of the vocabulary that you will have learned in the course, but if you don’t know special terms for what you hear, then just use whatever words you have and make your observations clear. (4) When you write about recorded music, take advantage of timing indicators in your playback medium. You can just insert minutes and seconds in parentheses (4:33) for each important moment that you mention. (5)
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MUH 2012-02 Writing assignments-3 - MUH 2012-02 Fall...

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