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MUH study 2 - public concerts developed in the...

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}public concerts developed in the Enlightenment period – late 1700s Orchestra } strings as core of orchestral sound } woodwinds as coloring instruments } brass for power and brilliance } percussion for rhythmic clarity } concerto – for solo instrument with orchestra } symphony – for full orchestra Fast movement form ( sonata form ) – based on characters and plot -}exposition (as in a play or novel) -}development (as in play or novel) -}“recapitulation” (dénouement in play or novel) Some other musical forms }Three-part form – A B A }Rondo – A B A C A etc. }Theme and variations – A A 1 A 2 A 3 etc. concerto for flute by Ellen zwilich- peanuts/charles schulz ****** MUSIC IN THEATER }eighteenth-century ballad opera §comic plays §simple, sometimes folk-like songs }nineteenth-century operetta §often sophisticated music §unlike opera since it uses speaking as well as singing §generally comic plots 1940s-tinpan alley/variety shows “Book” musicals – the beginning of the modern musical }integrated – musical numbers are essential to the plot }usually dated from Oklahoma! (1943)
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§words by Oscar Hammerstein II §music by Richard Rodgers Rock musicals }scoring for guitars, bass, and drums rather than conventional orchestra }rhythm of rock music – often with heavy backbeat }vocal style features rock (high “belt”) production, declamatory rather than lyrical melody }harmony – limited, relatively simple selection of chords }pop song forms -Hair (1968) *** - Rent (1996) *** Romantic blockbuster musicals }stories featuring romantic topics }scoring for orchestra, often supplemented by rock instrumentation }sweeping, lyrical melodies }rich harmony }elaborate staging - Les Misérables (1980) **** - The Phantom of the Opera (1986) **** -Stephen Sondheim -Sunday in the Park with George (1984) **** Romanticism Art and music based on expression of individual subjectivity
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MUH study 2 - public concerts developed in the...

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