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Poetic Technique CRW 3311-05 Instructor: Kerry James Evans Office: WMS 327 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 1-2 MW Course Description: Students will study various poems and learn the creation and revision process of a poem with the ultimate goal of writing a publishable poem in class. Students will work to create a definition of poetry and discuss and analyze different types of free verse poetry. Additionally, students will use close reading and deep study of poetic elements, emulation of established writers, and free association to write 6 poems of their own. Three of these poems will be discussed and critiqued in a workshop setting. Students will write a 5-6 page essay on a poet and that poet’s work. Revisions of all poems and the poet discussion paper, along with a reflective introduction will be included in a portfolio at the end of the semester. Course Objectives: Students will be able to: (a) improve their critical and creative thinking—that is, the intellectually-disciplined process of actively conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and synthesizing information, and reflecting on their own ability to perform these acts; (b) participate in and experiment with the creation of original works of poetry; and (c) increase their understanding of contemporary poetry traditions and the reciprocal influences between reading and writing. Required Texts: Apocalypse Ranch Sara Burge Contemporary American Poetry: Behind the Scenes Ryan Van Cleave Salvation Blues: One Hundred Poems Rodney Jones Course Policies: Do not lie, cheat, or steal. This includes making up stories to excuse absences and plagiarizing.
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Poetic_Technique-SyllabusRevised(7) - Poetic Technique CRW...

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