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CGS2100 Advanced Spreadsheet Application P a g e | CGS 2100 - Assignment 4 This assignment will involve taking an existing business spreadsheet with raw data adding formatting and formulas to the cells. Also you will be using advanced features of Excel such as creating drop down menus, using pivot tables, and writing simple macros. You can use the videos and other aids provided on the course web site to learn more about the features of Microsoft Excel that you need. Importing Data Advanced Formulas Use of Standard Business Formulas Drop Down Menus Working with Multiple Sheets Pivot Tables All of the following requirements must be met in order to receive any grade on the assignment. If the spreadsheet does not satisfy any of the following, it will receive a grade of zero. The file must be submitted through the correct Assignment Portal on Blackboard. The spreadsheet submitted must be in the current version of MS Excel. See the course syllabus for details on what is considered the current version. Work in the current version of MS Excel as per the course syllabus to complete the following steps following the example provided in this assignment 1. [2 Pts] Make a copy of the spreadsheet BusinessData.xlsx from . Rename the file using the format . 2. [ ] Create a name for your business. Merge and center the title of your business in Row 2 of your Spreadsheet. Bold the font and make it at least 14 pt in some acceptable font type. 3. [2 Pts] Adjust the Columns width show that all of the data and headers show. 1 Using Microsoft Excel: Assignment to Submit for Grade Advanced Spreadsheet Application 100 Points yourLastNameLowercase_yourFSUid_hw4.xlsx 2 pts Basic Requirements: 100 Points
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CGS2100 Advanced Spreadsheet Application P a g e | 4. [2 pts] Columns C, D, and E represent the current the last three years worth of data. You are to create a drop down menu to select the years. Go to Data->Data Validation -> Settings and create a list of years. 5. [4 Pts] Place the drop down list above the data in Columns C, D, and E and in Columns I, J, and K above the Income Statement. 6.
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assign4_2100_writeup - CGS2100 Advanced Spreadsheet...

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