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Course Policy Agreement

Course Policy Agreement - disruptive or offensive I...

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Classroom Policies Agreement Student Name Instructor Name Course and Section Semester/Year I have read and understood the course policy sheet as well as the syllabus for this course, including the following requirements: -Required Texts/Tools -Student Conduct -Major Projects and Activities -Grading and Lateness -Attendance and Tardiness -Plagiarism and Academic Honesty -Incomplete Grades -Making Up Missed Work I will also pay particular attention to following the civility clause. If I am in any way
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Unformatted text preview: disruptive or offensive I understand that I may be asked to leave the class and will be marked absent for that day. In submitting this form, I acknowledge that my success in ENC 1101 relies on my abiding by these policies. Furthermore, I attest that I am the author of all writing that I submit and post, online and offline. Student Signature Date...
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