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M7B-1 - Who has been the greatest influence in your choice...

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M7B Create 5 referential and 5 display questions from your content/grade level. Referential : Tell me what educational plans you hope to pursue after graduation. Create a written set of five occupations you are interested in pursuing and what education each occupation requires. Describe you ultimate occupation and why. Tell me about your ability to meet your occupational goals financially and what financial support you may have available.
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Unformatted text preview: Who has been the greatest influence in your choice of potential jobs and why. Display: What is the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship? Compare and contrast college scholarships, grants, and loans. Who must complete a FAFSA form to be eligible for student financial aid? What are the steps taken during the college application process? Tell me the three differences between community college and a four year university....
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  • Financial aid, Student financial aid, College Application Process, Bright Futures Scholarship, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

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