M7A-1 - Determine if each question is referential or...

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M7A Comprehensible Input Strategies Checklist These strategies facilitate second language learning and help students negotiate meaning from conversations. - slowing rate of speech - using repetition - focusing on here and now - simplifying grammar, vocabulary, and concepts - using contextual cues and concrete referents - checking frequently for understanding - letting students direct conversational flow - building on student response to extend dialogue - soliciting more information - using questions that promote higher-order thinking and more proficient language structures - using positive cueing (verbal and gesture reinforcement) - using referential as well as display questions (Referential questions are questions the teacher does not know the answers to; for example, “Tell me about your favorite book.” Display questions are questions the teacher knows the answers to: “What color is this book?”
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Unformatted text preview: Determine if each question is referential or display. ( you might give two columns: R, D ) 1. Who discovered America? D 2. What did you have for dinner last night? R 3. Compare and contrast your two favorite books. R 4. Tell me what you like to do after school. R 5. What is your favorite color? R 6. What color is my hair? D 7. Explain how you put that together. R 8. Who is your favorite baseball player? R 9. Tell me about your painting. R 10. Tell me why you hit her. R 11. Tell me the end of the story we just read. D 12. Create an ending for the story. R 13. What is your favorite food? R 14. How are these pictures the same? D 15. Explain your science experiment. R 16. What color is that book? D 17. What is the boys name in the story we just read? D 18. Tell me everything you know about cats. R 19. Describe your best friend. R 20. What is todays date? D...
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M7A-1 - Determine if each question is referential or...

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