M6D-1 - commands and demonstrate their meanings. Orienque...

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M6D Read the following scenarios and match which stage of language acquisition it represents: A. Preproduction B. Early Production C. Speech Emergence D. Intermediate Fluency Carlos ___D____ Carlos is engaged in a group science experiment. With almost native-like speech, Carlos asks if the group can submit its experiment for the science fair. The teacher asks Carlos to work with the group to describe the process the group members have used in completing the experiment. Ming ____B_______ Ming is very quiet. She doesn’t speak except at recess, when she communicates with her brother in Chinese. Ming can respond to commands given to her in English, once they have been clearly modeled. The teacher has Ming working in a group that is doing a hands-on activity. The teacher’s commands relate directly to what the students are doing. Ming is often aided by more proficient speakers in the group who repeat
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Unformatted text preview: commands and demonstrate their meanings. Orienque _____C_____ Orienque is retelling to a peer a story that he has created at the computer. In spite of his mispronunciation of certain words and somewhat frequent grammatical errors, his sentences are complete, though simple. The teacher joins the discussion between Orienque and his partner. The teacher expands Orienque’s story by adding descriptive words. Orienque’s comprehension is very good. Vue __A_______ Vue has been in the United States for nine months. Although he is fifteen years old, he has had little formal schooling. Vue is participating in a topic-related classifying activity in a heterogeneous group. Vue can make the connection between English labels and their pictures. He cannot explain in English, however, why he has grouped pictures together. He can explain the reason for classification only in his native language....
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M6D-1 - commands and demonstrate their meanings. Orienque...

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