M6C-1 - D Signature 8 Tell me why you agree or disagree...

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M6C Looking at the chart provided identify which of the following functions language performs in each communication exchange. The numbers refer to the boxes. Some functions will be used more than once. 1. Act out a conversation between an alligator and a turtle. D, F Signature 2. Solicit a favor from me to help you get something you need. A,B Signature 3. You meet me at a party. Tell me what you would say to get to know me. F,G Signature 4. Ask me three questions C,G,F Signature 5. Give me three commands on how I should implement communication-based instruction. E,G Signature 6. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? C,E,D Signature 7. Tell me what would happen if everything in the world turned green.
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Unformatted text preview: D Signature 8. Tell me why you agree or disagree with the statement: “What you believe will happen to you does happen.” E,F Signature 9. Describe what you like to do for fun. C,G,F Signature Functions of language- use the letters below into the boxes above to match the function of language with its example. Some of these letters will be used more than one time. A. To satisfy wants and needs; to solicit a favor. B. To control the behavior of others; to persuade others. C. To ask questions. D. To pretend; to create images. E. To assert identity, make choices, state opinion. F. To make contact with others or to get to know others. G. To inform or to give information to others....
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M6C-1 - D Signature 8 Tell me why you agree or disagree...

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