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M6A-1 - 6 Second language learners who are taught with a...

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M6A Relating Communication-based Instruction to Practice (Determine whether each of these statements are True or False .) 1. Communication-based instruction emphasizes active learning. True 2. Individual seatwork on conjugating verbs is the best way to learn a second language. False 3. A classroom of multi-level language learners with a mix of second language and native speakers offers a variety of language learning opportunities. True 4. Research indicates that students learn language best from a computer. False 5. Pattern practice in meaningful situations facilitates second language learning. True
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Second language learners who are taught with a focus on grammatical rules of language perform better than students who are taught with a focus on communication-based language instruction. False 7. The process of acquiring a second language is similar to that of acquiring the first language. True 8. There are specific stages that the learner goes through when acquiring the second language. True 9. Comprehensible input facilitates second language learning. True 10. Topic-based learning helps develop vocabulary in a meaningful context. True...
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