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M4D Directions: After viewing video segment 7, answer the following questions. 1. According to the teachers in the video, what factors affected their students’ success? Do these factors consider the whole child? Success was affected by the following: 1. Extended study to include the student’s own culture (considered whole child) 2. Realizing learning English is important in order to reach goals (considers whole child) 3. Serving as a cultural ambassador, teaching other about your culture and language (considers whole child) 4. The teacher served in the role of teacher and friend. The student was comfortable with the teacher and was able to share anxieties and concerns about being in a new country (considers
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Unformatted text preview: whole child) 5. Teachers changed their teaching strategy to each individual student (considers whole child) 6. Parallel teaching was included, when needed. A tutor helped the child individually (considers whole child) 2. How do you integrate students’ interests into classroom activities? Have the students bring in items they are interested in that pertain to what is being taught. Have them share these items, or experiences, with the class. Also, have them complete class assignments using topics which are of interest to the student....
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