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M4C While viewing this video segment, think of one of your students and the ways you help him or her to be successful. Consider how all of your students might benefit from new or additional support structures described in the video. Video # 1 Segment 7 I have helped ELL students be successfully by placing them in the correct classes and pairing them with other students who speak their language and can help them in class and socially. I have placed them with an ELL teacher and a ELL paraprofessional who can help the student with an concerns they may have at school. ELL students may benefit if their teachers include the student’s culture within their classroom.
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Unformatted text preview: Students may be asked to share items and information about the ELL student’s culture when there is a class lesson for which this may be beneficial. The ELL student may also be asked to help other students from his country when he has developed a stronger grasp of the English language. His teacher’s my try to find out what interests this student has and encourage him to pursue this interest within school or in the community. Teachers may collaborate to share teaching strategies that will benefit this student....
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