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HFToutofclassassignment2 - true to that of traditional...

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JOEY FARESE HFT 2890-01 Out of class assignment #2 SUMO SABI Sumo Sabi is a Japanese style restaurant featuring traditional or Japanese inspired dishes. Sumo Sabi is most well known for their wide variety of sushi. However, they also offer a wide variety of other dishes. The owner or manager was could not be reached to speak with me about my project. The first dish I selected from the menu was the “Crab Delight”. In a completely traditional Japanese style version of this dish fresh crab would have been used to make the sushi whereas I believe imitation crab was used in the making of my rolls at Sumo Sabi. Other than this small factor the dish stayed very true to the traditional Japanese style sushi rolls. The roll consisted of white rice wrapped in seaweed, which is traditional of Japanese sushi rolls. Besides crab meat the only other ingredient inside the roll was fish roe whish is fully ripe clumps of fish eggs. Fish roe is considered a delicacy in Bangladesh, Orissa, Assam, and West Bengal. Overall the “Crab Delight” stayed very
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Unformatted text preview: true to that of traditional Japanese Sushi. The second item I ordered of the Sumo Sabi menu was the “Lovey Dovey” sushi rolls. These rolls turned out to be far less traditional and more Americanized than my first item. While the rice surrounding a sushi roll is traditionally white, the rice on this roll was brown which Is a way of Americanizing sushi. On top of this, the main filling in the rolls was steak. This is extremely Americanized as traditional Japanese rolls do not contain cow meat of any kind. Finally, the rolls came equipped with cream cheese and superman sauce, whereas a traditional Japanese roll would be more likely to come equipped with soy and wasabi sauce. In conclusion, Sumo Sabi does an excellent job of carrying both Americanized and traditional Japanese dishes. Between the “Crab Delight” and the “Lovey Dovey” rolls I was pleased to find a combination of both....
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HFToutofclassassignment2 - true to that of traditional...

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