International Food and Culture syllabus-Spring 2011(4)

International Food and Culture syllabus-Spring 2011(4) -...

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HFT 2890 Spring 2011 Course Guidelines Course Number: HFT 2890 M W F 01:25 PM 02:15 PM Course Time: Monday-1:25-2:15 Wednesday-1:25-2:15 Friday-1:25-2:15 Instructor: Mr. Jim Koenigsberg (Chef K) Telephone: 850 645-0074 office E-mail: Office Hours: Text: Food Around the World, A Cultural Perspective, 3rd Edition Margaret Mc Williams ISBN-10: 0135073359 Course Description: The course is designed to explore the world’s cuisines with a focus on the history of culinary arts, indigenous ingredients, customs, various cooking methods and terminology. Latin and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Asia, and India are among some of the nation’s foods this course will cover. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: 1. Explore foods from around the world. 2. Define international food terminology. 3. Compare actual international cuisine and Americanized interpretations. 4. State the impact of geography, economics, climate, religion and availability on a country’s cuisine. 5. Practice pronunciation of foreign foods and terminology. 6. Discuss the interrelationship of world cuisines. 7. Describe flavor and texture combinations of different cuisines. Learning Methods A. There are several ways that students can learn in a classroom environment. One very important way is from active participation and involvement in class discussions. The climate of this class
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International Food and Culture syllabus-Spring 2011(4) -...

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