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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-10 CJ 471 • “Some have made the argument bordering on the frivolous, that only those arms in existence in the 18 th the 1st Amendment protects modern forms of communications, e.g. Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, and the 4th Amendment applies to modern forms of search, e.g. Kyllo v. US. The 2nd Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.” o Scallia • Scallia also said… o Right secured by second amendment is not unlimited • Stanforr • Penal Harm Philosophy o Crossing this line does not always have to be legally o Sadistic and authoritarian • Why is Stateville Good? o Divided by wardens o Southern prisons were on a plantation model until the 1970s o Not trained o Thrown ite this very human experience. • Preservation of pre-civil war slavery Prisoners were used as slaves Stages of Stateville o Anarchy o Authoritarian • Used coercive violence in order to obtain obedience Predictable Regimented Prisoners may have liked above two reasons Source of Change o College Educated Persons in Administration o Gangs/Racial Consciousness and Solidarity o Reform and operate inside the institution Racial consciousness that reflected that of the outside world Correction Officer Union o • Reflective of the US at the time Judicial Decisions that gave prisoners more rights Huddle v. o Pg 5 ...
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