CJ 471 Syllabus - CJ 471 Law of Corrections Fall 2010 Wed...

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CJ 471 Law of Corrections Fall 2010, Wed 12:40-3:30 Dr. C. Smith, 530 Baker Hall 353-0735 (office) 355-2197 (CJ secretary) [email protected] AND [email protected] [don’t send me email messages on ANGEL because I seldom check there for messages] Office hours: Wed 10:15-11:45 and other hours by appointment Please send me questions by e-mail---This can often generate a quick response and save you from waiting until the next class or next office hours to talk to me personally Books 1. C. Smith, Law and Contemporary Corrections , Wadsworth, 2000. 2. James Jacobs, Stateville 3. Additional readings on the course ANGEL website and internet sites Course Objectives Gain familiarity with the conditions and interactions within correctional contexts that lead to grievances and litigation Identify constitutional rights for convicted offenders under the U.S. Constitution Learn the history and consequences of judicial intervention into prisons Understand the litigation process for prisoners, including available legal resources and causes of action Discuss examples of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions affecting corrections Examine the role of corrections officials and the impact of law upon those officials Requirements Reading assignments must be completed prior to each class period. You should take notes as you read. Make a case brief for each judicial opinion and case excerpt. You will be responsible for all assigned reading as well as any material presented in class. Material presented in class will not simply review the reading assignments. In fact, some assigned reading may receive no attention in class, yet you will be responsible for the material for exam purposes. There may be guest speakers and films/videos on some class days. You must take notes during these events. This material may also appear on exams. Grading will be based on three exams, one 35-point book quiz, weekly 10-point readings quizzes on all days except exam days, and one paper. There are no extra points for class attendance or class participation. You are adults. If you choose to skip class, you assume the risk that you will miss important material and, consequently, perform poorly on exams. Past experience indicates that people 1
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who attend class regularly and take an active role in class tend to gain a greater understanding of the material. Past experience also indicates that people who skip class or fail to complete readings conscientiously may fail the course. On all exams and quizzes-- be prepared for all types of questions: True/False, Multiple choice, matching, short answers, AND essays If you are absent from class, you are responsible for obtaining notes from one of your classmates before asking me specific questions. It is unreasonable to expect me to repeat lecture material for a single student. I will throw out your two lowest readings quiz scores and only count the
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CJ 471 Syllabus - CJ 471 Law of Corrections Fall 2010 Wed...

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