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MEMO Why a Spartan mascot is superior to a wolverine mascot There is an increase in identification with and inspiration from a mascot in human form, with whom players and fans can relate, in contrast to the uninspiring image of an extra large rodent. A Spartan looks good in green (or any other color) while a wolverine can be associated only with an undistinguished and uninspiring brown color. The Spartan figure is essential to an understanding of important events in world history, thus associating it appropriately with academic subject matter. A university could not call itself a “university” without courses in history that include discussion of Spartans. By contrast, a wolverine is a zoological oddity. Who would notice if its existence was not covered in a college’s courses? A real Spartan could lead one’s team into battle against other teams.
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Unformatted text preview: A real wolverine would probably attack its own team and spread rabies. • The pungent smell of a wolverine need not be described in detail. It is enough to note that the aroma is not an asset. • Sparta, Michigan has a population of 4,000. Wolverine, Michigan has a population of 300. The difference in size indicates a gap in the importance of each word to the state’s geography and society. (Okay, so 4,700 people live in Wolverine Lake, Michigan—but that’s clearly because of the Lake and not because of the Wolverine). • A two-syllable word works much better than a three-syllable word in cheers and fight songs. • Look up the word “Spartan” in the dictionary and you will see: “a person of great courage and self-discipline.” Look up the word “wolverine” and you’ll see: “a solitary member of the weasel family.” Enough said....
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