11-10-10 - 11-10-10CJ 471Tuner v. Safely (1987)oSplit...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-10-10CJ 471Tuner v. Safely (1987)oSplit within Supreme CourtoPro-Prisoner within assertion to prisoner rights in this caseBrennanStevensMarshallBlackmanoOpposed Both claims by prisonerKennedyWhiteRehnquistScaliaoMiddleOConnerYes on marriage issueNo on prisoner correspondence Turner TestJohnson v. California oRacial segregation in the processing center cellsoOpposing ScaliaThomasoMiddleOConnorSouterKennedyGinsburgoProStevensMcKune v. LileoIf the government is permitted to focus on and rely on confessions and incriminating statements, history tells us there is a risk of abuse by government.oIf you use coercive tactics, you are encouraging people to admit to things that may not be trueoSex Offender Treatment ProgramWrite out/Complete sexual historyRisk that something you say may lead to a criminal prosecution to prosecute oOpposingKennedyThomasScaliaRehnquistoMiddleOConnerLeans toward opposing...
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2011 for the course CJ 471 taught by Professor Christophersmith during the Fall '10 term at Michigan State University.

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11-10-10 - 11-10-10CJ 471Tuner v. Safely (1987)oSplit...

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