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CGS2100 MS Word Research Paper Assignment 1 –MS Word Research Paper Word Processing 100 Points You are to write an information technology related research paper of no less than 1000 words using MS Word 2007 or later. To be more specific, any topic that you would study in this course would be sufficient for this paper. We are giving you a great deal of flexibility in picking the topic and the type of paper you wish to write. For instance, you may wish to merely write an informative paper on a particular information technology or you may wish to critique a particular technology or you may wish to compare and contrast similar technologies. The only real requirement is that the topic of the paper be related to Information Technology. Basic Requirements: All of the following requirements must be met in order to receive any grade on the paper. If the paper does not satisfy any of the following, it will receive the grade of zero. The paper must be a minimum of 1000 words as displayed by MS Office which includes the title page, table of contents, bibliography, and plagiarism statement. The Topic of the paper must be information Technology related. The primary source of the paper must come from one of the required sites. The document submitted must be in MS Word 2007 or later. The file must be submitted through the Assignment Portal on Blackboard. This is a two part assignment. Part 1. Research (25 Points) Begin by finding an interesting article (technology-related) from one of the news resources listed below to act as the topic for your paper. This will act as your "primary source" or inspiration for your paper. The article you choose must be within the last six months of the start of the term. Make note of the title, publication, publication date, author, and URL to use in your citations. Any primary source that does not have an author or publication date is not acceptable. PAPERS SUBMITTED WITHOUT A PRIMARY SOURCE FROM THE ABOVE NEWS RESOURCES WILL RECEIVE A ZERO (0). Once your primary source and the topic for your paper has been established, use the resources available at the FSU Libraries Web site ( ) and elsewhere on the Web, to find at least four additional sources of information on your topic: One source must be another Web site published by an authority on the topic. This source need not come from the FSU library database.
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CGS2100 MS Word Research Paper There must be at least two recent database articles (published within the last year) from databases provided at the FSU Library's database index ( ). At least one book published within the last 6 years (we will only look at the year of
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CGS2100Assg1_ResearchPaper - CGS2100 MS Word Research Paper...

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