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Candida Assessment Explain why people love Candida and Morell and who is most deserving of that love. In Candida , Candid and Morell are both loved and well respected members of their society. Candida’s friend’s respect towards her sprouts from her ability to amply mingle with groups of people. She laughs at the appropriate times, speaks with adequate sophistication and intrigue, is aesthetically pleasing, and above all exudes an air of radiance. Morell is the preacher of their large church. He presents riveting sermons each Sunday, and though he may not preach them with utmost inner sincerity, he presents them with genuine fervor and love of the people (whose love is returned). The people love him because he is
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Unformatted text preview: their anchor in life; his Sunday messages provide them with principals to live by that make them feel comfortable and complete. He is a man of some social stature, filling those around him with admiration. If one must be more deserving of love than the other it would be Morell. This is due to his unadulterated authentic love for Candida and the people to whom he preaches. No man alive can possibly bear his hearts insides to all and expect to be successful, but Morell at least presents himself in such a way as to create an easy atmosphere for his congregation. That, coupled with his candid feelings for Candida makes for the more loveable character....
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