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Heart of Darkness - Heart of Darkness(revised In Joseph...

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Heart of Darkness (revised) In Joseph Conrad’s timeless novel “Heard of Darkness”, witness the perturbing insanity of the once renowned and prosperous man Kurtz as retold by a witness to Marlow’s first hand recalling of events. The novel’s central themes consistently coincide with Kurtz’s “madness” from title to final page. The first instance that Kurtz’s madness becomes apparent and significant to the plot occurs when Marlow is discussing him with the Brickmaker before setting off on the voyage downriver. The Brickmaker tells Marlow that Kurtz is responsible for rounding up more ivory than all the other stations combined “and devil knows what else”. This is where Marlow decides that he is going to meet Kurtz, whose madness has allowed him to attain such vast amounts of ivory and inflate his reputation to the point where his name reaches Marlow’s ears. Kurtz obtains an immensity of ivory by tricking the natives into believing he is a God in human form, and those who do oppose him end up with their heads on spikes in the front yard of his residence. As
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