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[Type text] Skyler Knopp Per. 5 Ms. Shelnut Prediction Paper In order to forecast a reasonable official AP test score, I took the most recent multiple choice essay, on which I missed 5 questions, and multiplied it by two in order to get a decently accurate score. This would make 51.5. For the essays, I took three sevens that I received, one in each category, adding up to a score of 70, and subsequently corresponding to a score of 121.5. Now, Heaven knows I would be leaping for joy if I got score the likes of THAT on the actual test. To better prepare myself for this approaching behemoth, I need to review rhetorical devices and the REHUGO strategy. Knowing those rhetorical strategies will not only allow me to know what I’m talking about when writing the rhetorical analysis essay, it will also be valuable to my own writing. A well placed device could spice up an otherwise forgettable
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Unformatted text preview: sentence, catching my graders attention and hopefully causing him to formulate cerebrations of giving my paper a 7ish score. Mr. HUGO will help me if while doing the persuasive essay I hit a wall and cannot conjure up any convincing arguments. On a side note, marking up the passages has really started to help me for some reason, especially in the rhetorical analysis. As far as the multiple choice goes, Im feeling confident. I will need to remember to pace myself so I can answer every section in a timely, yet not rushed, manner. Following your teachings and the lessons I have learned through the boot camp processes and the multiple choice simulations, there is no doubt in my mind that I can achieve a satisfactory score come Wednesday. This IS provided I get some good sleep tonight and tomorrow. J...
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