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Thirst - Thirst By Eugene ONeil Subsequently By Skyler...

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Thirst By: Eugene O’Neil Subsequently By: Skyler Knopp An Analysis of Character and Plot Exposition: Gentleman, Woman, Sailor are stuck on a life raft days after their ship has gone down with no food or water. Inciting incident : Gentleman decides that in order to survive and keep sane, they must talk amongst themselves. Rising action : the man and woman suspect the sailor of hiding food from them. Climax : gentleman must decide whether or not to eat the woman who has just died from heat Falling action : gentleman throws the woman overboad Dénouement : gentleman and sailor wrestle and fall overboard and get eaten by sharks. Character Analysis: Education: I graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelors in business. Food: early 20 th century. Breads, wines, champagne, meat, salads, juice, water, pie, fruits Exercise: Walking at my workplace, swimming Attitude: Down to earth, single and looking, average Joe-esque
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I want I say I do Obstacles To stay sane and tell this little story You were very beautiful. I was looking at you and
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