Bright Futures Planned Program

Bright Futures - for the Visual and Performing Arts fellow classmates and I set out to write original plays depicting how to deal with bullying and

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Bright Futures Planned Program People need more compassion. Our community needs more compassion towards the needs of its individuals. I doubt anyone reasonably familiar with today’s events would disagree with that. I am working towards solving the ever-present issue of how to initiate a change by laying the natal foundations of an overall amplification of empathy in society. This I do through presenting free public stage performances which confer the ideals of the considerate American. My primary outlet in which this desire to improve our community has manifested itself is a series of plays entitled “The Bully Plays”, named so for the message of awareness it brings to young middle school children about the harmful effects of bullying. After doing extensive research on the causes and effects of all different kinds of bullying (mental, social, and physical, for example) which I began in February 2009 as part of my Acting III class at Harrison School
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Unformatted text preview: for the Visual and Performing Arts, fellow classmates and I set out to write original plays depicting how to deal with bullying and its unfortunate consequences. Over the past few months, we have rehearsed these and traveled to almost a dozen middle schools spreading the anti-bullying message and providing a question and answer session where we divide the entire grade up into smaller groups, and 2-3 actors give direct feedback to the students. In order to create a more kindhearted and truly caring community, we must start with the younger generation. Who knows the extent of the positive effects these plays will have on some of these young ones? For some, this has been their first experience with seeing any theatre. My personal goals have been fulfilled with this ongoing project; to better our population by influencing the future foundation with positive messages....
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