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Canoeing Tips - 2 Canoeing Tips Canoeing can be an...

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2. Canoeing Tips Canoeing can be an adventure sport as well as a recreational activity, which primarily involves propelling a canoe - a small narrow boat, with the help of a paddle. Even though the term 'canoeing' is used in a generic sense for the activities which use canoes as well as kayaks, there is a slight difference between canoeing and kayaking . One of the most prominent differences is that a single bladed paddle is used in canoeing, while a double-bladed paddle is used in kayaking. All this may make it a bit confusing, but this activity is surely not. Furthermore, the canoeing tips such as these will make this activity even easier and enjoyable for you. Canoeing basics start with choosing the right canoe and the paddle. A 15 ft canoe is ideal if you intend to go canoeing alone, in a narrow river or creek, but if you intend to go with a partner, in a wide river, you will require a longer variant. Opting for the basic paddling and rescue lessons is yet another important inclusion in the simple tips for canoeing. This will help you to get the techniques right, and minimize your chances of error and disaster. Among the various equipment in your canoeing checklist, rescue bag is one of the most important. It would be utterly foolish to endanger your life in a rescue situation. Along with the canoeing equipment, you need to be well versed with the water body you intend to visit as well. If it is a canoe for two individuals, the person sitting behind is the person in command. This person will be in charge of steering the canoe or giving other instructions of navigating the canoe. You also need to abide by the simple canoeing tips for beginners , like sitting properly without leaning on either side, or getting your canoe in a perpendicular position when a wave is approaching. Both these factors can topple your canoe, and endanger your life. More importantly, you need to know your limitations and ensure that your fitness levels are excellent. Canoeing requires immense physical endurance. 3. Hurdling Hurdles are a very popular track and field event, and many athletes have carried out hurdle training at some point in time. While it's true that any athlete can train with hurdles, it's also true that everyone who can jump hurdles cannot become a
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specialist in this field. Intense hurdles training must be focused on under the supervision of an experienced instructor, in order to master this event. There are three things that an athlete will need while carrying out hurdles training. Without the development of these three factors, it will be very difficult to follow a hurdles training program and expect it to work effectively. Agility and Flexibility: This is the primary requirement of any hurdler. If they are agile and flexible enough, they will find it easier to maintain a good rhythm in the event, and they will also be able to carry out technically complicated moves with ease.
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