I hate Hamlet and Frankie pprwrk

I hate Hamlet and Frankie pprwrk - I hate Hamlet...

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I hate Hamlet Exposition: Andrew Rally, a young actor who has just gained national fame for a mediocre T.V. series that wound up being canceled, is moving into his New York apartment which used to house the famous actor John Barrymore. Inciting Incident: Andre announces that he has been offered the role of Hamlet, but that he doesn’t think he’ll take it because he prefers the easier television roles, proclaiming “I hate Hamlet” to which nature responds with thunder and the handsome profile of John Barrymore flashing in the lightning light on the wall. Rising Action: After a failed séance and attempt to make love to his girl, Andrew pops open a bottle of champagne and the ghost of Barrymore appears. He explains that it is a tradition that actors who have played the part of Hamlet return to teach it to a younger performer. Crisis: After taking the part of Hamlet over a hefty paying T.V. job (offered by the producer Gary) at Barrymore’s urgings, Andrew is all set to play Hamlet for the opening night of the show. Climax: His opening night being an almost complete failure, the producer Gary returns and offers Andrew 3 million dollars to play in his T.V. series. Denoument: Andrew refuses, and after explaining to Barrymore that there was one moment where he did “feel” the part of Hamlet, Barrymore tells him that one could expect no more, and before departing from the world back to the spirit realm, he teaches Andrew to bow like an Actor. Uta 9 1. Who am I? I am Andrew Rally, I’m young, and I am an actor who’s received fame for my work in a canceled mediocre television series and a commercial with a catchy jingle. 2. What time is it in history? 1992 3. Where am I? The gothic style New York apartment that once housed John Barrymore. 4. What surrounds me? The room in which I stand, with Barrymore’s ghost close at hand. Feelings of nostalgia and the stone architecture abound. 5. Past, Present, and Future Past – my girlfriend has denied me sexually, but we are in love, and she’s exhibiting an interest now. I failed, in my eyes, last night in my performance of Hamlet. Present – I was just very angry for the ghost of Barrymore taking my girlfriend’s virginity, but I was calmed at the fact that he’s just a ghost after all. I just denied an offer for 3 million dollars to do another mediocre television series. I am presently prepared to explain to Barrymore about my performance in slightly more detail.
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I hate Hamlet and Frankie pprwrk - I hate Hamlet...

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