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A Bumpy Start Fineman begins his article by using a red herring; A Magoffin if you will. As an attention grabber in the first paragraph, he starts off sounding very mature and formal in his writing but as the passage continues, he speaks directly and nonchalantly to the reader. The effect this carries in terms of keeping an energetic feel to what he says is substantial. He makes an abrupt transition from using complex sentences riddled with heightened language and an intriguing metaphor to small, straight to the point sentences (one of which happened to not even be a sentence at all, but a fragment). In the second paragraph, he jumps right into the main point of his letter; the kaleidoscope scene that is our nation’s capitol. Immediately, his tone goes from chipper and laid back to solemn and reflective. He uses exaggeration when he says “the world is falling apart”, but this produces a significant realization when contrasted with America still “waiting for the dawn of Barack Obama”. He uses terminology that gives slow moving imagery such as “eternity”,
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Unformatted text preview: “waiting”, and “stretch”. He continues with talking about how, though we are all on edge, Bush is filling his schedule with “meaningless” things to do. He goes into detail describing the past president luncheon sponsored by George W. Bush, which he obviously feels to be something very trivial. He speaks with a tone of disdain in regard to Bush throughout the passage, going so far as to even create and tell a humorous story, saying that if Obama keeps his word and simply calls Bush Sr., he’ll be a “more dutiful” son than George W. was. He wraps up his rant by pointing out an irony, that the Republicans have been quite cooperative with the new president-elect, in part because they realize that he has the majority of the world on his side at the moment, while the Democrats are the ones giving Obama a hard time. It becomes is evident that Fineman’s purpose in writing this passage is neutral; to inform on this current situation, and to do so in an entertaining way....
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