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A Bumpy Start [an excerpt] By: Richard Fineman The rhythms of January are all wrong: too much time before the main events, which engenders needless, destructive name-calling. Look at the ridiculously long run-up to the national championship college football game. Players from the universities of Oklahoma and Florida have had way too much time on their hands, nearly a month since the end of the season. They have spent it dissing each other. Bad form. Far more serious is what's going on in Washington. The world is falling apart, and we're still waiting for the dawn of Barack Obama . It seems to be taking an eternity. President George Bush is doing his best to "stretch," as they say in TV studios, filling his schedule with meaningless events, protecting vast stretches of distant seabeds, rebonding with deposed foreign leaders who were part of his now defunct Spread Democracy club. He even invited in the former presidents, including his own father, for a lunch with Obama. You can imagine Ol' H.W. glancing at his wristwatch.
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