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Assesment of the Whole Playwright Process

Assesment of the Whole Playwright Process - Brooke was...

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Assessment of the Whole Playwright Process Directing- The director of my play, Britt, has done a fair job in keeping the actors en route to his final vision. Now, whether or not I agree with this final vision is neither here nor there, but the stage reading was exuberantly enjoyed by the audience. In fact, I’ve received many compliments. Looking back, I made a good job in picking Britt. Through this process he has grown as a director and theatre artist. Acting- Well, as for my acting, I felt that I did a… unsavoringly satisfactory job. It earned a few laughs, however,
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Unformatted text preview: Brooke was forced to do a nice job covering my butt. The actors that you and Britt chose performed to the best of their abilities, and even earned the only audience “awww” of the evening. Collaboration-My play’s actors as well as the director collaborated, as far as I could tell, on a little professional level. My director and I, for Nicole’s play, had excellent teamwork, and I always took her notes to heart. Dates Met-All dates were met as far as learning lines and getting blocking down is concerned....
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