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Boot Camp Reflection - and pieces of myself among the...

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Boot Camp Writing Experience Reflection The Drudgery. . The Misery. . The relentless flock of crows that pummeled me one by one each day as I sat in my seat during 5 th period for the past twenty-four school days (minus a party day) have largely contributed to the noticeable improvement of my writing skills. These crows, or, the Boot Camp Essays, have helped me learn about myself in ways I did not entirely expect. As far as my style of writing is concerned, I’ve discovered that it is far more effective when I speak directly. One thing I’ve really working on is cutting out my “LARD”. There is no substitute for knowing terms and strategies, and hearing others read in class, as well as studying vocabulary and devices online on my own, has allowed me to beef up the content of my extended introductions. Whereas before I would speak almost entirely superfluously, I now only occasionally do. While I am still finding my way through the process of discerning my voice as a writer, I can’t help but feel that by being forced to produce such a large amount of work I have found bits
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Unformatted text preview: and pieces of myself among the articles that, on some days, I kind of just threw together. The days that I composed my best EIs were the days when on the nights prior I had slept at least nine hours. Other factors that contributed to my ability to write coherently and with a focused mind included whether or not I ate breakfast that morning, and how my day had proceeded thus far. On those days when I was feeling fraught with emotional angst, I found it noticeably more difficult to write. After all this, I cannot honestly say that I know what my overall writing style is. Sometimes I like to write professionally, but other times I prefer to write novelesque, if you know what I mean. Before the AP test in May, I need to continue to learn about strategies and devices. I also need to try and get my writing time shaved down a bit (this will come through practice and time budgeting)....
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Boot Camp Reflection - and pieces of myself among the...

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