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Bully Project - Whats Wrong With Ronny Ms Fins Period 3 By...

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What’s Wrong With Ronny? 5-26-09 Ms Fins: Period 3 By: Skyler Knopp Setting: 2006 Whakeen Middle School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Characters: Jimmy – 12 years old,. 7 th grade Josh – 11½ years old, 7 th grade Brendan – 12 years old, 7 th grade Ronny – 11 years old, 7 th grade Jimmy’s Dad – 42 years old, real estate agent Mr. Hagbloome Students – around 12 years old, boys and girls in 7 th grade
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At Rise: all four students are sitting in their desks, with a few other students in desks sitting around nearby. The teacher is talking about Pythagorean Theorem and triangles. Teacher …And you all should remember this from 6 th grade. Three kinds of triangles; (points to board) Isosceles, Right, and Obtuse. If you need a refresher as to what these are, there’s reference page on page 89. Now remember that project I mentioned? It’s pretty simple really, and you guys should have some fun doing it. Tonight you need to go online and look up about 8 pictures, highlight the
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