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Fight Choreography Hotspur Prince Harry Phase 1 Phase 1 Running pass forward, diagonal slash down right Avoid slash to right, pass left Pivot left, cut to 5 Parry 5, Quillon beat left, mid-stomach pommel thrust Phase 2 Phase 2 Avoidance, trip and fall Thrust on the pass, go to pick up sword Backwards roll avoidance, stand up, backhand slap left to right across face Offbalance Stomach slash, pass forward and pivot left Avoidance, pass back diagonally Cut 4 Parry 4 Corps a corpse Corps a corpse Quillon beat 4, raise sword for
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Unformatted text preview: cut down Kick in stomach Phase 3 Phase 3 Pass back, parry 4,2,1 Pass forward cut 4,2,1 Beat away, stomach thrust Beat away at one Avoidance duck head slash pass forward on left and raise sword for cut downward Place sword flat against chest Reels in pain, pivots right about face Pulls out sword, slides sword away from body Stumble down, slide sword away from body, support with elbow Supports head and upper body Hotspur stabbed/ defeated Hotspur stabbed/ defeated...
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