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Outside Performance Critique - brought on by the gnarly...

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Outside Performance Critique On May 14, I went and saw long anticipated premier production of “All in the Timing at Tenoroc High School. The play is the first that the brand new school ever produced. My dear friend and former instructor, Mr. Joyner, directed the show, and he did a fine job considering it was the first show he directed, (at least at this school). Props were minimal, but the ones that they used (such as typewriters and menus) were, as far as I could tell, actual real life objects. Costumes ranged from the tacky (the monkey suits) (joke slightly intended) to the tailored. All fit the parts of the actors wearing them. The lighting was aesthetically pleasing, and the cues were, for the most part, spot on (disregarding a brief technical standstill
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Unformatted text preview: brought on by the gnarly weather outside. The acting was sufficient, for a high school level production. A few of the actors were outstanding from the rest as natural talents, while a few others were outstanding as individuals with a high probability of owning talents in other areas of life. As far as sound goes, a time themed song played between each scene change, which was entertaining. Also, most of the actors were audible. The set was probably the coolest part about the show. Its central theme was a huge clock at roughly a 25 degree angle, so that the audience could see its face. The lights interacted with the set in that during scene changes, hands rotated around the abstract clocks hours....
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